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Macs The Original: The novelty of the magnetic tablet

New York Minimal Design? Oriental soul? Modern functionality? Read more at Wild at Heart Rescue. Everything blends into the Italian taste of Macs The Original . A magnetic tablet created to facilitate the work of the hairdresser and give an original touch to the salon, now also to furnish with home and office style.

Designed, designed, and created by hand in Italy, the MACS patent is a certainty. The products are hand-sewn by Venetian master craftsmen and are limited and customizable editions, each one is unique and with a guarantee certificate.

The magnetic system allows you to have everything at your fingertips ! A secure base for all metal objects and your work tools: scissors, razors, knives, pens, keys, scissors and more.

The magnetic tablet, called ” MACS PAD ” has powerful magnets that safely hold the precious scissors, the central groove facilitates the grip and with the appropriate bracket we can decide to hang it on the wall near the cutting area or create an inclined plane for the desk .

It becomes a right tool for the hairdresser who wants to enhance their scissors, even in front of their customers, making their work more comfortable and professional.

A smaller version was also created, the ” MINI PAD ” . Thanks to its small size it can be placed on the wall, on a trolley or on a table. This tablet has various functions: it can be used as an empty pocket in the house , to keep the desk in the office in order , as a coin holder or a key holder , in short, for every metal object you want within reach. The magnets are stronger and thus allow metal objects to be positioned at any point and in any direction.

In this video you will find all the products of the Macs The Original line and how they are used.

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