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OP Cosmetics: professional hair products online

The company that brought the legendary Olaplex to Italy and the Color Refresh pigmented masks also reviewed by Cliomakeup has extended its range over the years, considerably fortifying the online shop where once only the Hair Perfector N ° 3 treatment was present, the mineralizing serum Mineral Hair Lifting and Antidot Pro skin protector . Specializing in products for the care of blond (experts of the perfect blond), sustainable philosophy and more and more interested in finding solutions for those who practice sport and still want to always have beautiful hair, OP Cosmetics has grown to become one of the leaders in the sector in our country.

We are talking about a Sicilian reality with international views, as demonstrated by the choice to introduce Olaplex in our country. The sulfur bridge reconnector is today the most requested capillary reconstruction treatment in the salon and thanks to the home format, it can be used as a hair repairer at home, keeping it in place before shampooing or even a whole night.

Let’s find out what it is all about and what are the other hair products brands available on the OP Cosmetics online shop.

Olaplex: those who do not know it, do not dull or restructure

In the world of professional hair products, Olaplex is a celebrity: the only one capable of guaranteeing damage-free bleaching , the only one that assists the hairdresser in the salon and helps customers find a solution to damaged hair that is damaged by the plate or by lightening. Produced by two scientists specializing in biochemistry ( Eric Pressly and Craig Hawker )

Thanks will never be too many for the company that went to Hollywood and convinced the American brand to land also in Italy. Unable to bleach without asking Olaplex: it is folly not to protect your hair during such a delicate moment and its effectiveness is such that it can be used for reconstruction treatments based on the mythical N ° 1 and N ° 2. For domestic use, there is N ° 3: think of it as a sort of creamy mask to keep in pose or to sleep on! Soon shampoos (No. 4) and conditioner (No. 5) will also be commercially available, but it will be a fantastic surprise!

Maria Nila: vegan, cruelty-free, without sulfates and parabens

One of the most interesting brands in the OP Cosmetics online shop is Maria Nila , an innovative brand for the vegan cosmetics sector that immediately attracted attention for its formulations based on ingredients not tested on animals, without sulphates and parabens .

The six lines of hair products – above all colored – 100% cruelty free are born to satisfy the most common needs, from anti-hair loss to anti-frizz, but they are not the only gem of the Swedish company. There is a whole range of styling products and especially the Color Refresh pigmented masks that have gone crazy on the web after the Cliomakeup video that called them “hair gloss”. It is a product that can tone or brighten the hair thanks to the presence of temporary color pigments. The secret of their success, in fact, is not only the delicate formulation but also the ability to renew a dull color or to give a new tone (especially on light or bleached hair) just for some shampoos and at a decidedly lower cost than the refreshed in the salon.

The Knot Dr .: the gloomy brushes that everyone would like

The Knot Dr. brushing brushes have also taken hold, a product coming from America and praised precisely because it can guarantee a totally painless experience for anyone who uses them. Those with curly hair , for example, or those who for other reasons find themselves having to deal with a hair that has a tantrum, can pamper and spare themselves moments like these by taking advantage of the delicate action of the patented, modified nylon bristlesfrom the same company. The founder said he created these brushes for his daughters, two girls who were particularly involved in sports and other activities; the routine included continuous showers after swimming lessons and the two, then girls, complained about the problem of knots. The story is very nice and shows how it is necessary to experience hardships before thinking of an effective solution like these nice colored brushes.

Antidot Pro: the solution for those with sensitive skin

Another professional product for hair that has come a long way, especially in the salon, being a powerful natural antihistamine that helps prevent redness, allergic reactions, itchingand other discomfort by protecting the skin. Many hairdressers mix it with decorating, allowing all those customers who avoided a similar treatment for pain to give themselves a new color. You can safely combine it with shampoo, conditioner or other hair products that are aggressive to your skin: as a good dermoregulator and skin protector , it will do its duty.

Hair Studio Pro: from the living room to the home

The only brand entirely produced by OP Cosmetics is HSP, initially reserved only for professionals but for some time now available to consumers with different products:

  • Mineral Leave-In : the mineralizing serum that does not require rinsing and nourishes the hair thanks to a precious formulation based on bio-chelated minerals.
  • Shampoo Color Protection : designed for the care of colored hair, this shampoo provides protection and is distinguished by the formulation based on collagen and hyaluronic acid.
  • Intensive treatments for fair hair ( Platinum Mask, Silver Mask, Gold Mask ): “light” to say nothing of a “blond” misunderstanding since these illuminating masks can also be applied to chestnut but work above all on lighter hair to restore their reflections. The formulation able to nourish rebuilding keratin chains is also very interesting. In short, if you want to shake up the natural or chemical color of your hair, this product can do for you.

Framar: hairdresser’s accessories for consumers

The latest brand on OP Cosmetics’ online shop for professional hair care products is Framar, which directly from Canada provides colorful, bright, intelligent accessories, designed to facilitate the hairdresser’s work in the salon . Some products are really interesting, from fuchsia hair brushes and bowls if you like to dye at home, to star- shaped aluminum rolls. The value for money attracts but what catches the most attention is the ultra colorful and original design that is hardly found in the salon.


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