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Redken products, specific needs and simple solutions

This is the motto of the American cosmetic company of Redken Products, a global leader in the field of professional hair care and hair care products and services.


The Redken products are now available in professional salons beauty of over 50 countries and have more than 60 patents of products and ingredients designed specifically for each type of skin and hair.


Redken Laboratories was founded in 1960 by American model and actress Paula Kent in collaboration with her trusted hairdresser Jheri Redding.

Between sets and fashion shows, the change of look was the order of the day for the actress, so she realized that there was an extreme need for highly professional products to help protect the hair structure.

Redding and Kent gave birth to the Redken project: initially with three products and an educational program aimed at respecting and taking care of the hair.

The turning point was achieved in 1960 by introducing the concept of ” protein reconditioning” based on studies and scientific research that gave birth to new products based on proteins capable of nourishing and conditioning the hair from within.


The Redken Products that we offer today are divided into 6 categories, ideal for every type of hair:

  • BLONDE IDOL: completely dedicated to blonde hair, it effectively contrasts the faded and dull effects, leaving hair silky and natural.
  • CURVACEOUS: dedicated to curly hair, it enhances and helps define the movement of the hair.
  • DIAMOND OIL: ideal for those who want to shine and shine. Composed of oil without silicones that penetrates different layers of the hair, strengthening it and giving it shine.
  • EXTREME LENGTH: dedicated to people who love long hair. Guarantees hair up to 96% stronger. The exclusive Fortifying Complex works with the IPN system to give strength to damaged hair. It penetrates deep into the bark of the hair to repair weakened areas, reduces breakage and restores shine.
  • CERAFIL: a system that makes the hair immediately thicker and thicker, promotes capillary renewal and fights the temporary fall of the hair.
  • PILLOW PROOF: specific styling products for the preparation of a good and lasting fold.

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