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Wavy hair without plaque and hair dryer with Macadamia curly cream

Hi all,

I have an exceptional method for having wavy hair without a plate and hair dryer, maintaining the natural softness of the waves, without damaging the hair. Macadamia curly cream.

STOP to curlers, Piastre and Phon !! Yes to natural hair.

Like a true sailor, who sails in the sea without ever stopping, between humidity, rain and salt, the conditions to always have hair in order during the winter are not the best, for this reason they collect them in particular tails or chignon or loose in the wind creating a blur like the sea and slightly rippling like the waves breaking on the rocks. Has it ever happened to you to curl your hair between your fingers?

To begin with, the hair needs a light support and to prevent it from becoming too frizzy, stringy and knotted, the best method is to apply a curly Macadamia cream from damp hair that provides hold and softness, suitable for girls with unruly and wavy hair , a small amount is enough and it must be applied on the lengths, while applying it to dry hair it removes the frizz. With just one application it guarantees a fold that lasts for days.

And now let’s move on to the fun part. We divide the hair into many strands and play with it by curling it between our fingers, joining two strands together to form a weave. Now just wait for the hair to dry naturally. Sleep on it !! if instead, you are in a hurry, the only solution is the use of the hair dryer, I advise you, before proceeding, to give a partial drying to the hair, to speed up the final drying. When they are completely dry, dissolve the weave and if it is necessary to apply a small drop of Macadamia curly cream, work it with your hands and going upside down, dab your hair to remove a bit of frizz, even if I think the effect Natural is beautiful even a little dishevelled.

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