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Guide to the 3 types of hairbrush

Hi, everybody!

A hairbrush is just as much an investment as a hair dryer or the best hot air brush for short hair: indispensable tools that, if they are of quality, make all the difference in our final look.

A good hairbrush lasts a lifetime, and in theory every woman should have at least three types: one for wet hair, one for styling and one for every day – except, of course, for those who have curly hair and don’t use it.

In today’s post let’s see together which are the best and the most suitable for the various hair types and the result we want to achieve!

Saying wet hair brush we know you all have only one name in mind: Tangle Teezer! It’s no longer a novelty, of course, but it’s still one of the most loved, even by our Clio!

Here are Clio’s hairbrushes that Tangle Teezer stands out among.

If at the beginning in the classic version was the brush that everyone wanted because one of the few that could be used on wet hair without ruining it (the only alternative was the fingers or a very wide tooth comb) now there are many more specific types.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Pink. On at 9,35€

One of the best in the shower is the Aqua Splash, with its non-slip design, which helps not only to untangle, but also to distribute shampoo and conditioner well, and to eliminate excess water. It is also very practical to keep clean – you can rinse it directly while you are still in the shower – and it dries quickly as it stays upright. Like the classic Tangle Teezer, it should be suitable for all hair types.

Another fairly well-known brand of wet hair brushes is Wet Hair! Have you ever tried them?

The Wet Brush Untangle Brush. On at 16,89€.

If, as brushes to be used in the shower, the Tangle Teezer still has no great rivals, the matter becomes more complicated when we talk about styling brushes; in fact, the choice depends on the fold we want to get and also on our hair type.

First of all, if you like to make a precise line in the middle or on the side, or for your fold or hairstyle you have to divide your hair into sections, what you need is a brush or a comb with a “tail”.

They are very comfortable those who have on one side the “tail”, on the other side not a normal brush, but the one for backcombing, so you will have only one tool for both functions. In the picture you can see the Spornette Little Wonder Brush (price: $5.99) but you can easily find similar models.

The classic round metal brush helps you make a smooth crease or with soft, voluminous waves. The important thing is to use it only when your hair is at least 80% dry, or the metal overheated by the hair dryer will ruin it.

Hershesons. Ionic ceramic round brush 3. On at 29,90€.

Then there are the innovative electric smoothing brushes, like the one that recently appeared on Sephora’s shelves:

Dafni Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush on for 199€.

The round wooden brush with natural bristles does not damage the locks and is suitable for styling bangs or boycuts. In addition, it is excellent for smooth styling.

Golddachs Round hair brush, made of rosewood and 100% wild boar bristles. On at 19,42€.

Of course, the smaller the brush diameter, the smaller the curls will get… until they become curls!

Termix round brush. On at 11,84€.

The so-called “vented brushes”, instead, are dedicated to fast styling for short or medium hair. They are perfect for those who want a natural look by eliminating static electricity.

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